Instream and Outstream video technology

Risk free

Pay as you earn - video technology costs are based only on publisher sold advertising revenue.

Included infrastructure

Storage, CDN and broadband are included in the package. Publisher does not need to maintain expensive infrastructure.

Feature rich

Customizable skin, widgets, floating miniplayer, recommendations, branding player format and many other.

Cutting edge ad-tech

Waterfall capable, Video Header Bidding, VAST & VPAID compatible help publishers maximize video inventory and sales.

Live streaming and Podcast

Easy to set live streaming and Podcast player module available.

Remnant inventory monetization.

Strong demand for video helps publishers sell remnant inventory, unsold be publisher, so you earn more and pay less.

Designed for


Ad Networks

including portals, social networks, classifieds and auctions

Easy to set-upIncluded storage and broadbadFully customizable look and feelHosts any and all ad-delivery codesPodcast module with text-to-speechInstream and outstream optimized ad sales.

Pay as you earn

Risk free video player. Publisher's play only if they have ads and thus earnings.

Best in generating inventory

In countless tests against main players in the market ONN Player proved to uncover and deliver the biggest ad inventory, all else being equal.

Powerful ad formats.

Player branding, interactive pre-rolls with curtain, slider or preselection and many other help publishers secure more agency budgets.

Live streaming

Advantageous way of bringing live streams on your website pages and earn both ad and sponsorship money.

Covering all environments

Not loaded
Custom banner templates3rd party formatsRich media DNA
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Dedicated responsive templatesSDK for Android & iOSHTML5 based advertising creatives
Not loaded
In-stream video advertisingOutstream / In-banner video advertisingPlayer branding & rich media

Best Header Bidding integration

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