Publisher programmatic partner for access and optimization of ORTB, PD, PG, PMP deals

Powerful Demand

15+ hand-picked SSPs come in HB pack, out of more than 40 continuously tested demand partners.

Programmatic Video

Instream and Outstream video programmatic advertising with dedicated HB solutions

Private Deals

PD, PG, PMP set-up and maintenance. We handle the grease, you handle the money.

Experience and Stability

Gemius pioneered in the programmatic revolution since the start and accumulated best in market know-how

International Publisher Trust

Over 200 premium websites in Ro, Md, Bg, Hu, Hr trust Gemius with their programmatic business

Header Bidding. Prebid.

Proprietary adserver Header Bidding module and Prebid wrapper for access and optimization of ORTB, PD, PG, PMP deals

Designed for

For Publishers and AdNetworks

Maximized demand. HB auction ads multiple demand partners to increase bid competitivityTransparent exchange. Publishers can easily check which part of the inventory is sold to which SSP.Optimized FP. HB allows for easy FP control in order to maximize CPMVerified by TAG. TAG Today supply chain, sellers.json certifiedGoogle ADX. Publisher's own or Gemius provided, Google ADX demand included in HB confuguration.Certified CMP. Gemius CMP is freely offered to clients that don;t already use one or want to change.

Tech Support

Gemius experienced & dedicated Tech Support & Account Team is focused on your programmatic inventory.

Publisher check-list

Make sure you have the basics covered: ads.txt, CMP, supply chain, adserver set-up, pass-back, dynamic FP, dynamic allocation. Or give Gemius a call.

SSP / DSP Olympics

We continuously test existing curated demand against market and new platforms so we can filter and use only best in class demand for publishers.

Remnant monetization

Your inventory after Premium and Programmatic sales has value. Let us maximize it.

Covering all environments

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3rd party banner formatsCustom creative banner templatesRich media excellence
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HTML5 based advertising creativesDedicated responsive templatesSDK for Android & iOS
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In-stream video advertisingOutsteam video advertisingAdvanced video module

Best Header Bidding integration

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