Advanced ad serving and monetization tool for online publishers

Header Bidding

Advanced client side prebid module in 1st party ad-server level. Eliminates need for wrappers, as everything is set from ad-server interface.

Video Module

Flawless video ads delivery and high resolution video statistics


AdOcean can run in Master-Slave or individual placements architecture for best fit with your website needs.

Sync and/or Async

You can run adspots in both sync and/or async implementation with the website, for speedy website load and max ad inventory.

Stellar Tech Support

Best in class tech-support team. Always available on call, email, meeting to solve problems or offer consultation and trainings.

Rich media formats

Most complete collection of rich media banner formats. Custom banner development. Continuous banner library updates.

Campaign predictions

Inventory forecast, campaign predictions and delivery algorithms help ad-ops not loose even a single impression.

Ad inventory categoriztion

Exclusive, Commercial and Self-promo categories can be further optimized with custom priorities and weights for each campaign.

Designed for


Ad Networks

including portals, social networks, classifieds and auctions

Set-up assistance, trainings and tech support includedIAB approved CMP includedBest in class collection of banner formats1st party data targeting. DMP or site dataIntegrated prebid module allows for HB maintenance from one locationStatistical soc-dem data on profile of target audience

Architecture and inventory

- Master/slave or individual placements - Sync and/or Async -Inventory forecast and campaign prediction inventory categorization: exclusive, commercial, self-promo


Predict, manage, optimize ad campaigns on all websites from one platform. Make the most of your inventory with AdOcean!


Dynamic allocation, eCPM optimization, dynamic floor-price, CTR optimization and many others are available to maximize campaign KPIs


AdOcean internal Header Bidding module makes set-up and optimization a breeze compared to site-wrapper.

Covering all environments

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3rd party formatsCustom creative formatsRich media capabilities
Not loaded
Advertising creatives based on HTML5Dedicated responsive templatesSDK for Android & iOS
Not loaded
In-stream video advertisingIn-banner video advertisingAdvanced video module

Best Header Bidding integration

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