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Measure the attractiveness of your campaign

Knowing who clicked on an ad or interacted with it is crucial to understanding whether the ad was attractive to your target audience, whether it was tailored to their preferences, and whether other audiences were interested in it as well!

Compare performance of online and other media

If you actively use TV in your marketing activities, you might want to compare your TV and Internet campaigns’ (especially in-stream ads’) performance. You have to use metrics that are comparable, such as GRP/TRP, which are the most popular offline indicators

Campaigns delivered to the right audience

Verification of publishers ad packages from the perspective of target group delivery is essential to get a better insight into campaign performance.

Get the real picture.

True passive research technology, covering all media types, all channels and all activity (both in-home and out-of-home).

The solution is here

Gemius developed its revolutionary measurement of online advertising campaigns audience for better understanding socio-demographic profiles / Post Buy data.


100% independent measurement for clear-cut straightforward market transparency.

Designed for

Media Agencies and Advertisers

Metrics: Gender, Age, Education, NET income, Place of living, Children in the household, ESOMAR statusDimensions: Total & incremental Reach, GRP, Campaign demographic profile, FrequencyAdvanced Analysis + Export all values to xlsAvailable in both desktop & mobilePanel Stable in Time & Single Reference Point – Same Panel for gAudienceKnow your campaign demography.

The Solution is here

Campaign monitoring with tracking scripts + Internet audience measurement panel = PostBuy Data information on the campaign audience

How is done

Data fusion from site-centric audit , SNA Focus establishment survey and Software panel deliver gemiusAudience results on Romanian internet audiences and gemiusPostBuy results on tracked advertising campaigns.

Gemius synergy

Gemius strategically develops holistic and integrated research methodologies. Clients take advantage of the synergy effect resulting from matching gemiusAudience with other Gemius solutions like gDE, AdOcean and AdReal


Information about the socio-demographic profile of internet users reached by your campaign. Check who engaged in your ad or visited your landing page.

Covering all environments

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3rd party formatsCustom creative formatsRich media capabilities
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HTML5 based advertising creativesDedicated responsive templatesSDK for Android & iOS
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In-stream video advertisingOutstream / In-banner video advertisingAdvanced video module

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