First party adserver for management & real-time analysis of online campaigns!


With gDE you get soc-dem info on reached audiences. Data about age, gender, monthly incomes, education or place of living.

Real Users

RU (individuals) statistics eliminate all errors generated by cookie measurement and is also future-proof for 3pd extinction.

Tech support

Experienced tech-support wil help with campaign set-up, trafficking, debugging and development. You are never alone with gDE.


Fully supported API for integration with your own trafficking and analytical systems for deeper analysis or for quick access to a wide variety of indicators.

Viewability, InScreen, URL report

Enrich reports and optimize campaigns with Viewability, InScreen and 120 other KPIs. Check if campaigns placements were respected with URL report.

Banner formats

Huge library of video, display, mobile banner formats is updated weekly. Custom development formats for clients is available.

Designed for

Media Agencies and Advertisers

Certified by Google and MicrosoftStandard and custom Real Time statsReal Users (individuals), not just cookiesAlways +1 on tech supportIn-Screeen, Dwell, Viewability and View-rateBest in class library od banner formats


gemiusDirectEffect guarantees a safe and high quality ad serving of various creative formats, including multi-click creatives, video, mobile and other rich media.


Gathered statistics will show you which placements are the best for your campaign. Optimization comes easy for all placements. Our algorithms will help you with that – automatically doing it for you.

RU and Soc-Dem

Real Users methodology allows to estimate the real number of Internet users reached by your campaign, and their soc-dem profiles

Rich media

Rich media banner format have deeper engagement and impact on users. gDE has all the formats and develops new one weekly.

Covering all environments

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3rd party formatsCustom creative formatsRich media capabilities
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Advertising creatives based on HTML5Dedicated responsive templatesSDK for Android & iOS
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In-stream video advertisingOutstream / In-banner video advertisingAdvanced video module

Best Header Bidding integration

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