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gemiusAudience research will be launched in Germany

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gemiusAudience research will be launched in Germany in Q4 2023, unlocking a holistic view of cross-media audience consumption in the market.

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Gemius PostBuy partnership with YouTube

Gemius PostBuy, a comprehensive evaluation of Cross-screen video campaign fuelled by Single-source, is launching YouT...

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gemiusAudience study upgrades to

From January 1, 2023, the methodology for the gemiusAudience study has been improved and a new, modern online data an...

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Gemius wins IAB Europe Research Awards for 5th time

Gemius was recognised in 2020 by IAB Europe's Research Awards with yet another prize.

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Gemius takes over online audience measurement in Denmark

Gemius has just signed a three-year agreement with Danske Medier Research (DMR) for the official measurement of the Danish online traffic.