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gemiusAudience research will be launched in Germany

gemiusAudience research will be launched in Germany in Q4 2023, unlocking a holistic view of cross-media audience consumption in the market.

Featuring a wide range of filterable and comparable metrics, gemiusAudience will provide a comprehensive analysis of visitors’ activity on websites and applications across PC and Mobile device types, and will also include in-home and out-of-home TV viewing data. Future stages will also include coverage of connected TV devices. This exciting launch represents the first comprehensive cross-media measurement research - fueled by a single source solution - which will fill an existing gap between linear TV, connected TV, Desktop and Mobile.

gemiusAudience is also partnering with publishers to enrich the tool’s underlying data via 1P sources, and YouTube will be the first digital at launch later this year.

About the Technology gemiusAudience research will be based on a representative Panel of German-speaking population aged 14 and over demographically representative under gender, age, education and size of the settlement. Currently, the panel includes PC and hardware panelists, recruited by a partner company GapFish. Panel reports data on media consumption on PC, smartphones, TV (reference signal covers 38 tv channels) and in future also cTV. Gemius analyzes behavior of people equipped with personal measurement optimized smartphones and reports on viewership regardless of panelist location. gemiusAudience is based on holistic and integrated research methodologies, as well as proprietary, internationally recognized methodologies and algorithms. Data Collected by Gemius Panel is a user-centric and tag-less measurement that is covering entire market, is GDPR compliant and future proof, as it does not require 3rd party cookie data.

How can the market benefit from gemiusAudience research? gemiusAudience research will help move away from differentiated linear TV and digital audience to get one clear and holistic view of audience consumption, it is a True single-source, passive research measurement that will cover all media types, all channels and all activity (both in-home and out-of-home). Gemius methodology will show detailed data on users’ behavior on each of the platforms separately as well as jointly with deduplication. gemiusAudience research will report on all Publishers inventory on all platforms, and will answer the eternal questions: who’s watching, when it happens, and on which devices. Furthermore, this will help to plan the purchase of advertising space in cross-media terms, with an emphasis on video consumption, linear television and the Internet, and will give Publishers full knowledge of their audience from all media. Gemius clients will be able to make business decisions based on real cross-media data and trends. Having full knowledge of media consumption of particular target audiences, Gemius clients will be able to optimize their campaigns by choosing websites, TV channels, stream players and apps with highest affinity, reach and engagement.

gemiusAudience cross-media data will be offered to all media stakeholders on the German market.

The online business world is a very dynamic environment indeed – to keep up with your competitors you want to act quickly and effectively. And in order to do that, you need the newest and the most reliable data you can find on the market. gemiusAudience has got you covered – we have just the answer suited to your business needs. All our tools are designed to be both, consistent and fully independent at the same time. Our clients’ can take advantage of the synergy effect, which is the result of a combination of gemiusAudience with other Gemius solutions. Today we can measure Internet, television, including its OOH audience and the popularity of advertisements across platforms (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok). Summing up, we focus on the research covering the widest possible scope of consumer behavior, in the digital sphere and beyond.

  • comments Marcin Pery, CEO of Gemius.

About Gemius Gemius is a research and technology company, provides data, business consultations, solutions and recommendations in cross-media business. We offer comprehensive cross-media solutions for marketers, advertising agencies, publishers and e-commerce. Gemius has been in the market since 1999. It is a member of IAB Europe and I-COM Global. The researchers conducted by the company are carried out in accordance with the principles of the international ICC/ESOMAR code.

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About gemiusAudience gemiusAudience is the leading internet audience measurement research providing detailed information about cross-media usage and demographic profiles of online users. The research has become an essential knowledge for publishers, investors, media agencies and advertisers. It is well-established and recognized digital measurement standard in many European countries, acting as an official market currency appointed by local joint industry committees.

gemiusAudience solution is an official currency appointed by local joint industry committees on markets such as: Poland, Denmark, Belgium, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia. On other markets such as Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Portugal, Serbia, Ukraine, Romania, Turkey where there is no local industry organization, it is de facto currency. Throughout all markets where gemiusAudience is present, its implementing directly contributed to a growth of market transparency and the significant increase in advertising spending.

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