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Advertising expenses data in the gemiusAdReal study in Poland

From April 2022, the gemiusAdReal cross-media study in Poland was enriched with a new breakthrough functionality. As the first study in this country it will provide information about advertising expenses, including ad types and formats, based on data from a single-source research panel.

Information about advertising expenses are presented for all types of media covered by gemiusAdReal's research, i.e. PC and Mobile (display ads, excluding web browsers and social networks: Facebook, YouTube, Instagram), TV (video ads) and Radio (audio ads). The results are estimated based on the official price lists of publishers and the size of advertising traffic. The price lists used in the estimation are updated on an ongoing basis for each subsequent month and take into account not only the price of advertisements in a given medium, but also the type of advertising format or the duration of audio and video spots.

The gemiusAdReal research is an internationally award-winning solution that enables comprehensive cross-media analysis of the advertising market. The introduced expense module is the next stage of research development, thanks to which users can trace the distribution of expenses between publishers, compare the costs of building coverage in individual media or analyze advertising strategies of the competitive environment.

The new module is available in the gemiusAdReal study in Poland from April 6 and covers data for the period from January 1, 2021, thanks to which users will be able to analyze historical data.

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